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  There is no way I could have done these apps without her. A lot of pressure is off. - Kyle

Pat helped me feel more confident. Before I met her I felt like the process was a lot bigger and more intimidating. - Kelly

Mrs. D was a big help. I got into all of my schools .She made the process less daunting. - Shanon

Believe me you need this teacher! - Steven

Mrs. Duda has been a lifesaver and my parents were driving me crazy. Now I have a plan. - Jonathan

I am an international student who did not know how to go about this ; Mrs. Duda really knows what she is doing.I have referred all of my friends. - Jordan

I am a sophmore transferring from one university to another and Mrs. D knows her stuff. She has helped me with what I thought was overwhelming.
- JD

UPDATE: 95% of Seniors admitted into top choice college!

  phone: 215-504-2799   College-101   email: adudm@aol.com